You want to be and remain demonstrably compliant

That makes sense, because being and remaining demonstrably compliant mean that you can always focus on the current relevant QHSE laws and regulations. Wherever you are and whenever it suits you. With Pharius you’re always aware of relevant changes in legislation in the area of QHSE. Reliable, complete and above all made to be easily comprehensible and practically applicable.

That’s what we, Lexerta Belgium, do well.

Legal content

All the (inter)national laws and regulations, regional policy and practical documents, up-to-date and well-organised, from the Wolters Kluwer’s comprehensive legislative database, our cooperation Belgian knowledge partner regarding legislation and regulations.

Other requirements

Business licences, HSE policy, specific internal regulations. Add your company documents to Pharius. One source for all requirements. Very handy.


Be and remain demonstrably compliant with Pharius. The online application for every QHSE professional.

We’re Lexerta. It’s nice to meet you

Lexerta Belgium is the affiliate of RDMG Publishers, which has been a specialist and market leader in making legal information practically available to the QHSE professional in the Netherlands for almost 25 years.

Our mission is clear. The provision of reliable legal content and well-thought-out online tools to give our customers insight into laws and regulations for the QHSE field, and to make it easier to comply with them. Demonstrably compliant!

Verifield | Wolters Kluwer collaboration

In January 2021 we reached an agreement with Wolters Kluwer on a collaboration for the Belgian market. As a market leader in the Netherlands, we want to spread our wings in Europe with Pharius. Belgium is a logical first, but certainly not last, step for us.

This collaboration means that we at Pharius can make use of the extensive legislative database of Wolters Kluwer Belgium. The team of professionals within Wolters Kluwer that was responsible for the Verifield product is staying in Lexerta Belgium. In this way we offer existing customers continuity in the support they have enjoyed for years.

In 2021, Pharius is expanding even further in terms of functionalities, so that we keep exceeding customer expectations in Belgium too.


About our customers

With the online application Pharius, Lexerta helps various organisations in a wide variety of sectors to get and maintain insight into laws and regulations relevant for them and to be demonstrably compliant. We work for, among others…